Thursday, January 27, 2011

Some truths on a Thursday

What? It's a day that starts with T, give me a break. So I was all set to write about one of my new year's resolutions but instead I think I'll distract you with the shiny keys of randomness today. I'm busy, but I don't want to neglect my lovelies.

1) So this whole zodiac sign thing? Actually tripping me out. I mean, I don't read horoscopes, I don't follow the signs or anything like that, but apparently I still very much identify myself as a Taurus because I'm all weirded out that I'm supposed to be an Aries now. I kept this feeling to myself until I told the partner-in-crime (also a Taurus) about the changed signs. His reply? "Taurus for life!" I echo the sentiment.

2) Okay, Vampire Diaries has some cheesy acting and some cheesier dialogue, but I'm a squee bit addicted to it. Blame it on Ian Somerhalder's face.

3) I think The LiLa is on to something with this whole shiny new idea thing. You strike a balance between pushing yourself and beating a dead horse. Although I guess the trick is knowing when to put the defib paddles to the horse...

4) I'm not impressed by the iPad. THERE I SAID IT DON'T SEND THE APPLE MOB AFTER ME. I just think it's a giant iPhone. I was impressed with the touch screen awesomeness of the iPhone when it first came out, but now like any good technology follower it's already invoking a sense of ennui in my book. Give me five minutes to get used to it and I'll tell you I'm already bored. Le sigh.

5) I keep thinking I'm waiting to hit that magical moment when my "life" starts, but I'm starting to get worried that this is it and I'm missing it because I haven't had enough coffee. I also conveniently use this excuse when I want another cup of coffee.

What are your thoughts for today? And I promise I will post something useful one of these days? Oh, wait...look over here! Shiny!


Lola Sharp said...

The zodiac thing ONLY affects those born after 2009. Thus, you and your PiC are still Taurus, unless you are some kind of 18 month old prodigy. :)

I watch VD solely for Ian. He is yummy.

Husband loves his maxi-pad, but I think it's lame.

And, I always, ALWAYS want another cup of coffee. :)

Have a wonderful weekend, love.

Emy Shin said...

For the Zodiac sign, mine is still the same but I'd freak out if it weren't.

And thank you for the link to the SNI post!

Melissa Gill said...

Great post.

I just got the first season of Vampire Diaries from the library, starting tomorrow night.

I wish I had an I-Pad, but maybe I'm glad I got a laptop instead.

I love randomness.

Lydia K said...

The iPad sounds like fun but yeah, I get what you're staying. Just a big iPod.
Now if I got one for free, I wouldn't complain...