Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tell the truth Tuesday

1) I envy Lila and their cheating ways. Lately my creative brain (and, let's face it, the rest of it) feels like a piece of toast that's been left on the counter for three days. You can slather that baby with strawberry jam but it won't change the fact that it is DRIED. OUT. I'd love to be led astray by a shiny new idea.

2) I have Animal by Neon Trees stuck in my head on a definite loop. It's so flipping catchy. I didn't want to like it because the lead singer has crazy hair and I have strict rules about how my favorite bands should look, but it's infected my brain.

3) Somewhere along the way I've now allowed myself to have more than one cup of coffee a day and it is A SLIPPERY JITTERY SLOPE PEOPLES.

4) I am sorely tempted to drive past my exit for work and keep going just to see where I end up. It's the dreamer in me.

5) The actual desert is disappointing when compared to the Hollywood personification of it.

6) Yes, this list is random.

7) I'm disappointed in Shakira. She rocked in Spanish, and Donde Estan Los Ladrones is one of my favorite albums, but now she dances around in gold bikinis and animal cages and pretends like blonde hair doesn't make her look like every other singer in pop culture. For shames.

8) The partner-in-crime has gotten me into unnecessary and excessive pluralizations.

What's your truth todays?


Lola Sharp said...

I still like Shakira. She looked pretty damn hot in that cage. If I could move like that, look that good, I'd wriggle my ass inside a cage for all to see. Remember, NO judgement zone.

Same with rockstar hair do's...there are no 'don'ts' for me.
I say fly your freak flag however you want, as long as you aren't hurting anyone...or, um, I guess as long as you aren't hurting anyone that doesn't want to be hurt, over the age of consenting adultness.

Yeah, I slipped over the jittery slope long ago. I love my coffee.

After we watch LOTRs enough times, we can't helps it, Precious. We needs the plurals.

Have a wonderful week...I hope your SNI well gets flowing again.


Melissa Gill said...

1) I'm behind on blogging

2) I tried to eat a huge bag of cinnamon sugar popcorn, but couldn't finish and now I feel ill.

3) I'd give anything to stay home from work tomorrow, but I'd lost my OT, so oh well.

SariBelle said...

Hey Jem, I'm sending some Bloggy Awards your way. The Versatile Blogger and Stylish Blogger awards :)

Check this post for details.

Laurel Garver said...

I'm so with you on #1. I wish some shiny idea would carry me away too. I made ok progress on WIP2 last weekend but it's not a lovefest with this one. Not yet at least.

And I love your random lists. In that vein, I have a gift for you on my blog.