Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Just a thought...

Gentle readers, I had a thought this morning as I looked in the mirror and found a slight crease in my forehead from excessive eyebrow raising:

A well preserved body is a sign of a life not lived.

What are your thoughts this happy hump day? (I normally eschew the term hump day, but it was too alliterative to resist).


Lola Sharp said...

I like the term hump day. All good connotations. And the closer I get to Friday the better.

My thoughts are on this:

A well preserved body (and face) is a sign of a life going to the cosmetic surgeon.

If a person is going to get 'work done' on their face, for the love of punctuation, please get GOOD work done, AND: LESS IS MORE. This includes botox, lip plumping, etc.

I hate when celebrity faces don't move. Freaks me out.

These stars totally wig me out when their faces suddenly change and stop moving. They look like freaky caricatures of their formers selves...and maybe even like the Joker.
It never makes them look younger, only creepy (and often desperate).

Examples you ask? Why certainly.
Nicole Kidman
Meg Ryan
Olivia Newton John
Linda Evans
Lisa Rinna
Courtney Cox
Kenny Roger (YIPES!)
Joan Rivers (OMG)

I know this sounds like I'm judging, but I'm not. I believe people should do whatever makes them feel good about themselves. And I know celebrities have to age in front of the world. (Oh how I'd hate that. Fame is not for me.)

I'm 40 now and I'm not gonna lie...getting older sucks in many ways. I'm just not as cute as I used to be. Things droop and sag. Wrinkles and wiry gray hairs start popping up. (And, yeah, I do color my hair) And while I wouldn't ever get face work done (not even botox) I do understand why others would want to.

And, I totally am not talking about boob jobs or having a big nose reduced...I would do that, if I had needed it (thankfully I didn't). But you're only talking about the aging thing.

If you can afford (and are brave enough) to get very good work done in very small doses and it makes you feel better, go for it. (Jane Fonda looked pretty darn great on Oprah.)
I will never let anyone inject or 'tighten' my face. as much as I hate looking older, I also like looking like me. My husband tells me I'm beautiful (even 'cute') every single day. And, I like being me, looking like me....for better or worse. Plus, I'm too chicken to ever do anything that involves a needle.

So, I support people doing whatever they want. But I'm just gonna just live with my laugh lines. I hate 'em, but I'm gonna live with 'em.

Happy Humpday and 2011. ;)

Melissa Gill said...

Ooh boy, if forhead wrinkles are a sign of a life that's been lived, then I've got it made. I'm covered with them.

JEM said...

Lola: Um, can we talk about how much I now love the phrase "for the love of punctuation" and will shamelessly bogart from you? Also, you forgot Cher in that list. CREEPED me out to watch her try to talk in Burlesque. And I actually find myself caring less and less about what my face looks like as I get older. I think it helps to have such an effusive praiser like the partner-in-crime :).
Melissa: Here's hoping we both add some more signs of life to our face!

Christina Lee said...

OOOHHHH *runs to mirror* !!