Monday, January 24, 2011

Roni's got an awesome contest you should let me win

So Roni over at Fiction Groupie is throwing a Mega-Awesome Query Contest in which she's giving away a whopping SEVEN query critiques this week. One of them even happens to be from Anita Mumm at Nelson Literary, and since I cyber-love Kristin Nelson that kind of has me fangirling out a bit.

Now I'm going to tell you to go over there and enter because this is an amazing opportunity and Roni's pretty much a staple of the writer's blogging community, but what I really mean is let me hoard all the contest entries and win them for myself because I probably need a critique worse than you (they can be three pages long and have at least two paragraphs about how much my mom loves it, right?)

So...go check it out. And tell them your name is JEM :).


Christina Lee said...

Hope you win! I love me some Roni ;-)

Lydia K said...

Going to check it out. Thanks Jem!