Thursday, February 3, 2011

Come on, snow, why you gotta hate?

So apparently the whole rest of the country is buried under mounds of snow, including the top half of my fair Lone Star state. And what do we get down here in Austin? All the blah of cold temperatures without the whee! of iced precipitation. Call it a holdover from my younger years but snow (we call it snow, don't judge) means skipping school and sliding around on the back deck and using a cardboard box as a temporary sled until it tears in half because your butt is too big. Fun!

But no. Snow sent out its Valentine's Day cards and turns out it doesn't choo-choo-choose us. We're the kids who are bundled up warm inside with our faces pressed against the glass watching everybody else make snow monsters and igloos and all the other fun stuff I assume people who get snow do. Like make snow cones and write their names in the snow with pee (maybe don't make snow cones out of the pee snow).

And don't try to talk me out of my fantasy snow day by saying cars and houses are damaged and businesses are losing money because people can't work or buy stuff and it's one of the worst storms anyone's ever seen. And I don't want to hear about how we had rolling blackouts all yesterday because the power grid couldn't handle all the electricity people in Dallas were sucking up because it's cold there or something. And don't complain to me that flights are grounded all over the country and people have been stuck in airports for hours without access to their luggage because it's been in a cargo hold for three days. You're only trying to make me feel better about snow not inviting us to its basement party while its parents are out of town.

All I'm asking, snow, is to show a little love. You don't even have to last all day, just long enough that I can't get out of my driveway because it's iced over so I have to stay home with a mug of hot cocoa and lament the fact that I'm not working. Is that too much to ask?

Did you get the invite to the snow party? Are you loving it (say no to make me feel better)? Does this weather inspire you to write?


Tere Kirkland said...

LOL, we had sleet in New Orleans yesterday and last night. No accumulation, though. ;)

I feel your pain. My house is very poorly insulated, and when it's 34 degrees F and 80% humidity, it's freaking cold!

Hope you get your snow!

Lola Sharp said...

I wish I could send you all our snow. I love it in Dec. and even most of January. But by Feb. I want to dump snow. I'm having major fantasies about warm sunshine on my skin, a margarita in my hand. *sigh*
February is the longest month, no matter what the calendar says.

Wishing you snow,

ashbo said...

The snow kicked my butt. I was scheduled to do an invited talk at a conference and since my flight was cancelled I missed it. So snow and I, we were already on uneasy footing, and now we're not speaking. And I'm spreading nasty rumors about it. Like telling everyone that snow is gay, okay? (If you don't get the reference, we're not friends anymore.)