Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Some things I've noticed

1) There is an alarmingly high number of people who go mental right outside my office window. Usually toothless and/or homeless and shouting obscenities. Perhaps this is what I get for working next to the homeless shelter.

2) I will not find the concept of gazpacho alluring no matter how you try to spin it.

3) Coffee is better than a high five from Michael Phelps.

4) Sometimes the difference between the way I think I look and the reality that faces me in the mirror when I go to the bathroom is heart attack inducing. Especially after having watched a movie with a bunch of pretty people in it.

5) Women who look really good in monokinis have no soul. I've fact checked this one.

6) I thought all of my shows being over for the summer would free up more time for other things, but it turns out it just encourages me to watch previous seasons of random shows on Hulu and Netflix streaming.

7) This is hilarious. So is this.

8) Having now surpassed five, I feel compelled to carry on to ten.

9) The school zone light still blinks near my house even though school is out. This angers me. Twenty miles an hour is not a good speed to drive while angry. Highly dissatisfying.

10) I got to ten!

11) That last one was kind of lame, so you get a bonus one. I'm finding that being myself is both terrifying and rewarding. And involves lots of embarrassing pictures of me on people's iPhones.


Christina Lee said...

"Women who look really good in monokinis have no soul. I've fact checked this one." --> ROFL!

Elana Johnson said...

Well, at least you can't say you have boring days at work, right? :)

Veronica Roth said...

I like number 8 the best.

Oh, and HEAR HEAR re: gazpacho. Whose brilliant idea was that?

Tahereh said...

hahahah my favorite was #10.


epic WIN.

Anonymous said...

#8 and #10 are awesome. :D

Lydia Kang said...

I love your thoughts. But I disagree on the gazpacho one. I've only had good gazpacho a few times, and they were awesome. Like drinking salsa, but better.

Okay, I'm probably not convincing you here...anyway, great list. And hooray for being yourself!

MBW aka Olleymae said...

haha hilarious. Those monologues were crazy!!

Also, they should make a sitcom about someone who see's people go mental all the time. It would be hilarious/sad/crazy.

Jayne said...

Ha! At least with number one you can get endless distraction. I totally agree with you about gazpacho as well. Cold soup? Nice. *bleegh*