Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Some things I still don't understand about life

Thanks for all the supportive comments on Friday. Our friends are home from the hospital now and are taking a few days together to recuperate and start the healing process.

There is a concept that with age comes wisdom, and while I haven't reached an age ripe enough to give me total wisdom, I can't help feeling like I'm behind the eight ball on being smart about stuff. I'm not sure if technology is to blame because we're not all sitting around reading books to keep ourselves entertained (and therefore learning whether we like it or not), or if some people were always this dumb and we just don't remember or celebrate the dumb ones. But there are still some pretty basic things about life I think I should have a better grip on that I DEFINITELY don't.

1) How to address work frustrations. I'm not a confrontational person by nature, but I've been in the working world long enough that I should know how to tell someone to piss off without pissing them off. Instead I gripe about the person/situation/email/lack of fruit baskets to everyone but the offending party.

2) Paparazzi. I don't understand how to spell it, and I don't understand how they make a living out of what they do. You catch a picture of Brad Pitt frolicking on a beach with Angeline Jolie while he's still married to Jennifer Aniston? Sure, fine. You take a picture of Halle Berry in mom jeans at the supermarket and I'm supposed to pay you? Yeah. No.

3) Why people don't recycle. I'm not even going to get on my compostable soap box about this, but when it's readily available and it helps make the planet a little cleaner for your present or future kids, and you still don't do it? Now you're just spitting in Mother Nature's face.

4) The stock market. Period.

5) Why so many people choose the parking lot of a Wal-Mart to air their family drama. Usually after 10 p.m.

6) What I'm doing at a Wal-Mart after 10 p.m.

7) How this whole being a grown up thing works. I mean, really, I have to pay the SAME bills EVERY FRIGGIN MONTH?!? Do they understand how EXPENSIVE that is?

8) What was my teenage self so angry about all the time?

9) If cupcakes are so bad for me, why do they taste SO. DELICIOUSLY. GOOD? That seems like some kind of cruel trick.

10) Life.


laurel said...

What I don't understand about the recycling phenom is why the fast food places aren't making more of an effort to get on board. They create huge amounts of trash with their totally recyclable paper packaging! Wendy's, Mickey Ds and all your ilk need to install recepticles, man.

LOL at #8. It still amazes me I wasn't way angrier because my family was incredibly dysfunctional (though not prone to air it in public parking lots).

rebel_of_nowhere said...

I was wondering about #5 also. Something about Wal-Mart seems to attract the most interesting people...

Anonymous said...

Oh yes to #2! Just really, I don't understand.

Lydia Kang said...

Um, yes to everything here but the Wal-mart drama. I've managed to stay away at night!
Cupcakes, yes. They're evil in the form of flour and sugar.

Roland D. Yeomans said...

I shop late at Wal-Mart because I'm just getting off then, but also the lines are shorter.

There's a new diet out there : "If it tastes like straw, you can eat it - If it tastes good, you can't" Diet.

Bad work mates can make a job an ordeal. Don't worry about not confronting that person. Dysfunctionals take everything from you but hints and advice. Love your blog, Roland

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Your blog ate my last comment. Sigh. Computers. Now they're something I don't understand!

You have a lovely blog, Roland