Wednesday, June 9, 2010

In which I'm feeling a bit...tetchy

I've heeded the good advice dispensed on this blog and taken a break from revisions on my current WIP. I know I'm doing the right thing, and I'll thank myself for it later when I'm on revision six and just want to kill off all my characters so I don't ever have to write about them again, but...I can't figure out what else to do.

I tried working on a different story, but in the process I discovered an old outline I threw together of a story I came up with out of a dream, and I got sucked into that story. So now I've got two stories that are on COMPLETE OPPOSITE ends of the spectrum (for REALS), and my brain won't pick one to run with. They both have their allure, but I haven't been able to choose.

So I thought, "I'll read something." I perused the to read shelf (which grows by a stack of books each time I'm allowed into a bookstore), and picked a YA book I've been meaning to read for a long time but haven't gotten to yet. I won't say which one, but I got a few short chapters in and realized there was no way I could read it. I have really high hopes for this one and definitely plan to come back to it, but last night it just felt...stilted and overwritten.

And it doesn't help that my brain is still going "write! write! write!" and clapping its hands together like the monkey with the cymbals. I keep telling it I want to, and can it please choose an idea to stick to, but it's not interested in the semantics. It also keeps demanding bananas.

Add a busy work week and some family brouhaha to that, and you've got one tetchy blogger. Hello, hot cocoa coffee, feel free to work your magic.


Lydia Kang said...

Ugh, I am feeling EXACTLY the same way. I'm getting side tracked by new projects when I should be revising. I can't seem to focus on my revising, and home life is demanding lots of attention.
Tetchy. That's how I feel too!

Christina Lee said...

Hmm.. that's a dilemma. I think if you are in that write mode, you need to resolve it somehow. Maybe just pick one or two chapters to revise (making sure to go back again to them after your "break").

Lola Sharp said...

Sorry about the tetchy-ness.

Just go with your instinct...if your mind wants at your current WiP, go at it. (I'd save the old draft and make changes in a separate draft)