Monday, May 10, 2010

Just let me catch my breath for a second

Oh mu...can I...I can't believe...WOAHS.

Frankie. Diane. Mills. I'm a newish follower to the blog but her name echoes around the hinterwebs.

Now I know why.

Frankie is holding what amounts to, in my world, the most EPIC CONTEST OF ALL TIME. If you've looked at almost any post on this blog you'll see my shameless love and devotion for all things Hunger Games, and somehow Frankie has ferreted this out and held a contest for signed copies of the first two books AND a pre-order of Mockingjay. I know what you're thinking, childrens; you've got signed copies of The Hunger Games and Catching Fire and you want to give them away?!?! Let me know if you've ever got possession of the Hope Diamond, please.

Oh, but don't worry, childrens, I intend to capitalize on her misplaced generosity. So do me a favor: go sign up for the contest and tell her JEM sent you. If it makes you feel better, my dying grandmother's last wish was for me to have signed copies of these books (sorry for sullying your memory, Grandma).

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