Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Step one: the joy of post-it noting

Everyone's writing process, like their shower routine, is different. Some people shampoo first, some people use washcloths, some people shave...wait, I'm talking about writing. Right. Back on track.
So, I thought I'd share my latest writing approach in a series of posts. This WIP is the first time I've approached writing with any semblance of order, so I'd like to share what I've done and see how it compares across the board.
Step one of my rewrite consisted of stronger character building. Most characters are built out of their dialogue and to a limited extent from their actions. You can’t just tell the reader “hey, this guy is smart but guarded, but really he just wants someone to love him.” The irony is that you need to always be aware of these details yourself in order to craft a believable character.
My resolution for this, most likely lifted from other blogs, was to build a post-it note wall of character descriptions. I color coordinated the notes to fall in a few categories:
•    Character names
•    Emotional attributes
•    Physical attributes
•    Plot points tied to characters to remember
And I’ve posted all the notes on my closet door in the Joffice (JEM office), also known as the writing room. So now when I’m sitting in my comfortable chaise lounge typing up a storm and I stop and go, “wait, what was that character’s last name?” or “how should this character react?” I’ve got the answer right there in front of me, in color coded glory.

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