Tuesday, April 13, 2010

(My first ever) Tell the truth Tuesday

I can't promise this will be a regular thing (well, I can, but I'll be lying), but I love this meme.

1) I don't share food. I have future pity on my unborn children because Mommy doesn't share food. Mommy will take your food and nibble on it absently while hoarding her own meal, but Mommy will not reciprocate. Such are the ways of the Mommy.

2) I have Compulsive Dance Disorder (CDD). Meaning my body starts dancing to a good song before my dignity can stop it. I've been caught in many an awkward work predicament as a direct result of CDD.

3) I push on bruises to see if they still hurt.

4) I have no problem letting other people pay for my meals. I'll feign protest because that's what everyone expects, I'll sometimes even pull out my card like I want to pay, but I don't. And I'm cool with that.

5) In keeping with 4 above, I'm a maniacal saver of dinero. The P-i-C calls it codo (tightwad), but I call it "how do you think I got out of college without student loans and where do you think the down payment for the secret lair came from besides all those banks we tipped over?"

Phew. Good to get those off my chest. What's your truth today?


Sierra Godfrey said...

My truths: some days I feel so horribly insecure about my writing that if people don't say "you're a great writer" as part of everything they say to me, then I take it as a negative statement about my writing.

Likewise, if someone were to say "you're not a good writer" I might quit entirely.

But then I would probably go back to it.

JEM said...

Oh, Sierra, how I feel your pain. You're a good writer! (That's why I followed you)

Solvang Sherrie said...

You are hilarious! As a former food hoarder, trust me, the sweet innocent faces of your children will work on you in ways you'd never expect :D