Monday, September 27, 2010

What are you worried about?

It was so nice to hear everyone's check points on their WIPs on Friday! I find it encouraging to be in the trenches with all of you :).

Continuing that discussion, what are you worried about in your writing right now? It doesn't matter if you're just getting started, working on revisions, or looking to sub, there's always something niggling us in the back of our minds (or maybe that's just the voices in mine). What's bothering you, keeping you up at night?

For me, I'm worried about repetitive sentence structuring. I think I tend to use the same sentence constructs throughout my writing, but I'm not ready to go back and look at it in edit mode to figure out how to break those up, or if it's even noticeable.

Oh, and I'm worried about losing control of the plot line halfway through :). That's a small one, though. Who pays attention to plot anyway?

So what's weighing on your mind about your writing? Plot, characterization, sentence structure, word choice, genre, lay it on me!


Sandy Shin said...

My WiP is relatively new (or very, very new, rather), and my worries are mostly focused on both finding my own voice and the protagonist's voice -- it makes me a bit nervous, especially with agents stressing "voice" so much. :)

Sandy Shin said...

With the focus on "voice" around the blogosphere, I've become increasingly worried about find both my own voice and my protagonist's voice for my new WiP. :)

Christina Lee said...

Well last night at my critique group, I was told to make my dramatic moments more "subtle"--yikes. Have to think that one through!

Melissa Gill said...

I just started a new WIP last week, I'm so excited about it I could wee, but so far it's feeling very interior. I'm having trouble working dialogue in. But it's just draft so I can smooth all that out. I'm mainly just going with the flow for now.

Oh, and I'm also worried that I haven't been able to boil the story down into a one sentence synopsis yet, but that usually comes with time.