Friday, October 9, 2009

Things we should have learned in Kinder but clearly didn't

Word of the day: convivial - 1.Fond of feasting, drinking, and good company; sociable. 2.Merry; festive.

It would seem I'm a little cranky today. Maybe it's because I suffered through a caffeine withdrawal headache yesterday, or that I keep getting mysterious bug bites on my feet, or that I've read another critical blog article about the publishing industry YET AGAIN, but cranky am I. And in the spirit of that crankiness, I noticed a few things today that I'd like to address to the public as a whole (or at least the two people that I know read this blog, big wave to Ash and Dad).

I've been aware for quite some time that technology has allowed us to reach a new level of rudeness in our society (not just within the US, I think, but the global community), but all advancements have their drawbacks (ironically), and you accept the good with the bad. However, there are a few things I would like to address that I've had to deal with a lot lately:

1) THINK before you send an email. Read it out loud if you have to, or send it to someone to ask how it sounds. There is something about not having to say what you're going to say to someone's face that allows this passive-aggressive demon to raise its ugly head and say snarky, back-handed things through email. I'd like to doubly reiterate (re-reiterate?) this for work correspondence. If you sound like a petulant toddler throwing a hissy fit, and if it involves extra bolding or all caps at any point, hint: probably not professional.

2) Remember when we were in kindergarten and the teacher said we couldn't cut in the lunch or potty line, no matter how hungry/full of pee we were? Yeah, that rule still applies. Drivers in my city this morning: I'm looking at you. If there is a line of cars, don't try to race down the lane next to them and cut in at the last minute before you get to your turn. It's rude and it makes me want to explode your car with my brain. Which I can't do yet, but I'm working on. And a side note to the people who let them in: you're only validating their behavior and encouraging them to do it again. So please, don't. Or I'll use my government-grade brain power on you, too

3) Hey, people who put the buttons on my clothes? Please stop making them fall off. I know you're doing it on purpose, and no, I don't laugh. I need those things to keep my pants up. Not cool. (Okay, I recognize this one has nothing to do with the others, but seriously, how am I supposed to keep my pants up?!)

Siiiigh. That makes me feel better. That and the impending promise of the weekend. In general, I think we can all just focus on being a little more civil than we think we should in our daily interactions.

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ashbo said...

Keep pants up with a safety pin.