Friday, October 2, 2009

Battle of the e-readers!

Word of the Day: adjuvant - 1. Serving to help or assist; auxiliary.2. Assisting in the prevention, amelioration, or cure of disease.

I'm going to be real with you, that is a word I will probably never use. I also feel like the two parts of the first definition are not actually the same thing, even though they are grouped together. Auxiliary means something that is additional or supplementary. Serving to help or assist doesn't mean that to me; for instance, a nurse can serve to help or assist, but their role is not additional to the doctor. In fact, they frequently handle things the doctor can't or won't do.

Okay, enough with my definition ranting, on to the meat on the bones. My partner in crime let it oh-so-subtly slip that he was thinking of getting me a Kindle for Christmas (after the fifth "would you rather have shiny new toy A or the Kindle?" I kind of sussed it out), and my immediate reaction was "yay....oh. Wait. Let me do some research." Why, you ask? With it's Whispernet access to Amazon's arguably largest collection of e-books and it's new and improved features, why wouldn't I be all over that like bachelor parties on strippers?

This article is why. I had been told things about the first generation of Kindle - you can't save your books to another location, it's not friendly to other file formats - but I figured they were fixed when Kindle 2 came out. The debacle of delete 1984 (yes, yes, we're all aware of the irony) off of thousands of Kindles in the middle of the night like some kind of book burglar was creepy, to say the least. I don't like the idea that I could wake up one morning and my books could all be gone, with a polite "Sorry, we didn't think you should have these anymore" resting on my e-reader screen.

That's not to say I don't want a Kindle. Just that I'll be more cautious about my choice now. And I figured, if I'm doing all this research why not share my findings? So I'll be doing some sporadic posting (because I'm lazy and can't be kept to schedules (unless you are an agent then I am totally awesome with all things time related!)) about my findings, and I'll let you know which reader I decide on (hint: it's probably gonna be a Sony).

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