Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Busy busy busy

I'm going to assume that everyone else's first of the year is just as busy as mine, if for no other reason than to excuse myself for not having posted the last few weeks. I've been buried under mountains of work, and will continue to be buried for the next couple of weeks. But I promise to return with all kinds of fun posts about stuff I haven't even thought of yet. That's how prepared I am.

Hope your January is going well!

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Lola Sharp said...

Dude, I just posted (a quick post similar to yours) today...for the first time since mid-December!
(thus, I win for best/worst Loser/Slacker Blogger)

(we should really learn to pre-write a bunch of posts and schedule them. I have no idea how to, nor any real interest in doing so...but we *should*.)
(i'm really working the parentheses today, yeah?) (okay, every damn day.)

I'm working on The Story we discussed. Deep in it, still.

Email me and let me know what's what with you. (also, when you go to The Thing next month, please take pictures for me, K?)