Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Random thoughts on a...Wednesday? Really? Already?

1) I'm going to need pictures of me to start better aligning with how I see myself in my head. Read: Natalie Portman.

2) I've been stood up on three client calls this week. We don't have waiters in my office, but I imagine the same look of pity and shame when my coworkers come into the room.

3) I know it's been a rough Texas summer when I'm almost jealous of the East Coast for having a hurricane.

4) I don't usually write to music since I find it too distracting (yeah, maybe I act out music videos in my head, judgment-free zone). But I started a Pandora station for Film Scores and it's actually an awesome station to write to. Plus I've already got the movie all planned out now.

5) There are some new fall/spring shows on the big networks that look really good. Like I can already feel my productivity running down the drain good. I'll call it "character research" when I watch, but that will be a lie.

6) I can't decide if I should stop reading about the economy because it's freaking me out or if I should keep reading so I'm an informed citizen. Mostly I've resolved this by playing games on my phone and reading celebrity gossip blogs.

7) Oh, ten is so not happening today.

What's your random thought for the day?


Tere Kirkland said...

ROFL, yes, it's ONLY Wednesday, is what I keep saying. ;)

But thanks so much for #4! I'm always looking for good instrumental music to write to, and movie scores (free, on Pandora, no less!) sound like just the thing. I'll have to try this tonight!

Thanks, and have a happy Wednesday, JEM!

Bethany Elizabeth said...

I do the music-video-in-my-head thing too! :) It can be EPIC, but usually just ends up sorta okay. :)

Lola Sharp said...

Hehe. As always, I love your random list posts. :)

1) But you're a cute panda.

2) Being stood up is evil. Those clients will suffer bad karma...bad hair days, floaty boogers wafting as they breathe in front of someone they're trying to impress, no TP in their stall (after it's too late). *hugs*

3) We're supposed to get some of Irene. I know y'all need the rain (we don' all), so I wish we could give you some of it. But I am looking forward to stormy weekend. I like them. They're moody and perfect for writing.

4) Lots of writers like to use film scores/stations while they write. You're in good company.

5) Oh! I've been out of touch with what's on TV...can you email me a list of which shows I should watch for so I can set up my Tivo? I hate when I hear all the buzz half-way through a season and miss all the first half. Also, it totally counts as character and plot ARC research.

6) I feel guilty about the economy. We are so blessed...we are in very good shape financially...and even though we give (generously) to several charities (food banks, Philabundance, Habitat for Humanity, Red Cross, Humane Society, etc.) and even though I buy from every auction and fund raiser for practically every cause, and we vacation and spend money (I'm a most excellent shopper) and tip generously when dining out (frequently), trying to help the economy every way we (responsibly) can...I still feel guilty when I see on the news people trying so hard to get jobs and are homeless. It kills me.

Those were my random thoughts for the day.

Okay, it's well past midnight here...I'm fairly caught up with you. Time for me to hit the bed and get some Zzzzz


I'm re-evaluating my life and priorities and some people will not be happy with the results. Including me.

Christina Lee said...

Never considered a movie scores station--cool! Can't WAIT for fall TV!