Monday, March 14, 2011

In which I clean things (sort of)

I've got a post planned on journeys later this week based on some revelations brought about in my critique group meeting last night, but today I've got a question for all my blogging buddies. I've been doing some "it's almost spring" cleaning and have accumulated an impressive stack of paper critiques from various stages of chapters on my current WIP. I'm torn on what to do with these critiques - do I keep them as reference points or mementos, or do I recycle them like a good little non-pack rat?

What do you do with your hard copies of critiques after you've addressed them?

Also, I squeed (sounds a lot grosser than it did in my head but I'm leaving it) when I saw this and this. Suffice it so say these were both on my list of bloggy accomplishments and I feel big and important now. Thanks, ladies :). (Yes, I'm a huge dork).


L. said...

Once I'm done with them? Recycle.

Libby said...

I keep them until I am completely done with a project, then toss them out. If that's helpful...

Carrie said...

I recycle my critiqued copies too.
Congrats on your blogging accomplishments.

Lola Sharp said...

Mine are always in my word.doc, because they're done on the computer...thus, even though I've corrected the 'issues', I keep them. I figure it's not taking up much room in my computer...and perhaps one day I will look back on it and see how I've grown as a writer...or not. Maybe I'll realize I STILL have the same bad habits. o_0

But, if I had them in paper, I'd probably trash them...or keep them in a binder for the above reasons.

I hope your absence means you've been busy and that no news is good news.