Thursday, November 4, 2010


I'm writing to say I'm...not writing. I'm buried in work for work, creative writing, and sometimes eating and sleeping when I can fit it in. I've got lots of good posts about my writing class and what I've learned, though, so stay tuned for when I actually might be more coherent and less caffeinated (trust me, it's not actually a good thing no matter what I threaten the barista with in the morning).

Hope things are going well for everybody! Let me know what you've got going on, how NaNo is going if you're doing it, and if you (like me) have been treated for Halloween candy addiction (it's a serious thing, y'all).


Emy Shin said...

I can understand -- sometimes, things get very hectic and writing has to take the back seat. But it's wonderful that you're learning a lot from your creative writing class. Good luck!

Melissa Gill said...

I hear you. I'm doing NaNo so re ally busy trying to add one more thing. Off to critique group in a few minutes.

Dianne K. Salerni said...

Buried in work for work does not sound good, but I know what you mean. (November is not a good month for elementary school teachers -- report cards, conferences, etc.)

Creative writing sounds more fun. Hope you're enjoying it!!!

And sleep is for the weak, so don't hold back on the caffeine! Go, go, go! :)


Writing to say you're not writing...I kinda love that. And it did put a smile on my face. Glad you have such easy access to good caffeine, too!