Friday, October 22, 2010

Writing is my new wine

So for various reasons rather too boring to explain, I've decided not to drink for a while. I feel good about it and  it's really helped me to focus on priorities in life. I mean, I wasn't a slusher or anything before, and I'm not straight-edge now (hellooooo, holiday eggnog), but I'm making a conscious effort in my life to channel my energy in a different direction.

Cut to yesterday, which I'm convinced was a full moon day based on clients/family members/celebrities going CRAZY. And not the usual, everyday crazy, but full on foaming at the mouth and kicking babies crazy. And at the end of such craziness my coworker says, "I'm going home to drink half a bottle of wine."

Which made me think, what sweet comfort would I turn to now if not a fine glass of Moscato? But when I woke up this morning, too early to get ready for work and too late to get any significant sleep, I decided to get up and write. Coffee in hand and with the partner-in-crime and our trusty sidekick curled up beside me I snuggled under the covers and worked on my WIP. I only had about 30 minutes, but afterward I felt...relaxed. Happy. Content. And I had a wicked caffeine buzz.

All of which made me realize that writing has become my new retreat from the world, my place to go when I need to do something that makes me feel good. A place to drown my sorrows in similes and dialog tags. My new wine.

Although I guess that makes revisions my new hangover.


Lola Sharp said...

Ha! Yes, revisions ARE a total hangover. (love that comparison. Truer words...)

I don't often drink...maybe 3-4 times/year. Holiday egg nog IS one of those times. :) My MIL makes the best nog in the world. (so damn fattening and heavy though... I only drink one or 2 small glasses) A couple of margaritas during the summer by the pool with friends. And then usually at parties I'll have a glass of wine or champagne. I guess when it comes down to it, I ONLY drink during festive occasions. I don't think I've ever once drank at home for no reason.
I can honestly say I've never had even a glass of wine at home while writing or sitting in the tub , etc., like so many others say they do. It never occurs to me. I'm not that kind of drinker. I guess I'm a 'social' drinker. (except I don't usually drink in social situations either. The mood has to be right for me.) Hmmm. Never thought about it before.

Anyway, good for you. I'm sure you have your reasons.
Writing is cathartic, therapeutic.

Have a delightful weekend!

Tere Kirkland said...

Revision hangover, lol!

I admit I'm the first one to crack open a bottle of hard cider after a hard day, but I never drink to excess, especially in social situations. I will often have a (craft-made, locally brewed) beer while I'm writing, but it usually sits and sweats next to me until I realize I've been ignoring it because I'm so into my wip.

Whatever works for you, I'll support your decision! ;)

But I prefer my eggnog virgin, thanks! Mmmm, eggnog...

Laurel said...

I'm so loving Tere's drinks of choice! I'm a cider fan too. And I've never had more than two drinks at one time. Like ever.

But I love the idea that our work can be the relaxing take-me-away that so many seek in booze. Awesome.

Tahereh said...

AWESOME. i love this new idea.

prepare to kick butt.


Hanna C. Howard said...

How is it I didn't already follow you? Jeez, sometimes I'm lost in the blogiverse.

I love this post. And while I'm usually not tempted to give up wine, I have to agree with you: writing, when it feels good, is WAY better than alcohol. Of course, writing hangovers (revisions) are way worse than alcohol ones, but ya know.

Great post. Loved it.