Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm bringing sexy back

It'll be gone and he'll bring it back!

Mariah's post over at Constantly Risking Absurdity got me thinking. There are some words from our history that deserve a celebrated resurgence, like Mickey Rourke or Tab soda. I'm determined to bring these words back, among them:

scuttlebutt: So I always thought this word meant rumors, but apparently it means an open casket for drinking water in a nautical sense as well. Weird.
gams: As in, "Tina Turner has a fine set of gams on her."
cat/kitten: My sense of the word? "A devotee of jazz." Snap snap snap.
doll: Forget boo, forget woman, I'll always be a doll.
cracking wise: I'm just that kind of girl.

I'm noticing a pattern here...

What words are you bringing back, JT-style?


ashbo said...

Brouhaha. Always.

JEM said...

Good call! Also: shenanigans.