Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hey buddy, can you spare some writing time?

TIme is, as they say, flying by. Thanksgiving flew by in a whirl of too much turkey and a half more of a chocolate cream pie than I should have eaten, along with boxes and packing and lifting and dropping for move into secret lair. Turns out, second floor=bad idea. Just so you know.

In all of the holiday hustle and bustle, though, I've found it increasingly difficult to carve out a few hours here or there (or anywhere) for writing. And even less so for blog writing, obviously. When I do have a spare moment I usually end up passing out or resting my brain by catching up on episodes of Glee and Bones (imagine a mash up of those two shows. Wait, I think that's been done). Which means poor writing gets the shaft most of the time. And I'm at an odd place with my writing: I've finished draft one of previous WIP and have now entered the editing stage, something I haven't really done before, and I just got a great idea for a new WIP based on a crazy dream I had. So I started that. Because hey, creating is always more fun than tearing apart and reworking.

So my general question out there is, how do you decide how to divvy up your time and actually stick to it?

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